Eggless Crêpe Saga Part 2

This might not be funny to many people; it reveals traces of my previous life as a crystallographer.

Crêpes are, in fact, not composed of a “micro lattice”. Nor will a lipidic cubic phase help you fry them in any way. However, LCP might help you crystallize a cool membrane protein complex like this one:

GPCR complex

4 thoughts on “Eggless Crêpe Saga Part 2”

  1. Egg white contains 10% and yolk contains 2% proteins.

    Buttermilk is produced by fermentation of lactose in milk where all fat is removed and the protein casein is left in curdled milk ie buttermilk contains 3.9% protein.

    You should do crystallography to see if you can come up with lpc which acts as emulsifier for your crepes!!!

    It is a stimulating comic which makes you read those articles you referenced!!!
    Good work!

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