Well that was a long break, and both of my readers (well, one if you don’t count Mom) no doubt feel a little ripped off by a stupid Devanagari logo being passed off as a comic (I know, the last letter /ī/ is a bit of a stretch).

Two inspirations for this idea:

1) Nidhi Chanani is doing a weekly “hindi saturday school”. We talked about trying to style Devanagari letters as western music symbols; this is the best I could do (although other letters like “pa”, “va” and “ġa” have pretty obvious interpretations).

2) Something that I haven’t seen nearly enough of: Islamic calligraphy. Although I grew up with (what I thought was) a good understanding of Islamic culture, I only really saw the art form after reading Craig Thompson’s amazingly gorgeous “Habibi”. I also thought I knew something about graphic novels, but I only discovered Craig Thompson after being introduced to him by Nidhi.

Comics coming soon.

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