The Universal Property Of Yoga

Go ahead, think of a word, any word, then add “yoga” in front of it. There is a good chance that the compound word you just thought of is already generating incoming cashflows for someone out there.

This comic was inspired by a link from a friend of mine, who, incidentally is an amazing artist. See the copyheart at the bottom of the page? I could explain it to you, but she does it much better.

Ever heard the story about cakemix makers, and how their product sales boomed after they took out the powdered egg, so that homemakers could feel good about themselves when baking? Turns out that there isn’t much evidence behind the idea.

I wanted to reimburse the authors’ who made the nice samarkan font in the last panel, but it turns out the emails in the readme don’t exist anymore. I would love to send them their modest requested fee for use of their awesome work, if anyone can find them, let me know.

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